>stockbig® No.9 Glue Mixer

The compact and high-performance continous mixer No.9 with its patented star - mixing unit is perfect for all mixing requirements of ready-mix dry mortar.
  • compact and portable
  • brilliant mixing performance
  • easy to clean
  • high mixing output
  • reduced abrasion
  • powerful direct drive

The >stockbig® No.9 handles gypsum-based or gypsum-lime based or cement-lime-based plasters, thermic plasters, finishing coats, stuccos, coloured plasters, glues, floor and mortar foundations etc.
Technical data
Data No.9-230
Delivery 20 - 25 ltr/min depends on material
Drive 2,2 kW / 230V geared motor
Mixing unit
patented star mixer
Connection 230V (single phase)
Fuse protection
3 x 16A time-lag
Water connection
¾” , at least 2,5 bar with machine in operation
Dimensions 1120 mm x 640 mm x 995 mm (LxWxH)
Refill height
1010 mm
Hopper volume
approx. 75 ltr
Total weight 83 kg
  • Mixer with detachable mixing unit
  • Tools
  • Operations manual