>stockbig® GeoPump-HY


The >stockbig® GeoPump is a lightweight, robust, portable grout pump with hydraulic drive especially developed for use with high solids enhanced grouts.

It is suitable for continuous pumping which allows fast and efficient movement of grout to the borehole and minimizes the chance of separation with in the grout.

It can be powered entirely from the hydraulics and electric supply (12V, 24V as standard, 48V) on most drilling rigs eliminating the need for additional mains power, generators or diesel engines.


  • Compact, flexible and powerful
  • Puncture-proof polyurethane tires
  • Robust metal frame
  • Quality components
  • Lifting eyes
Technical data
Data GeoPump-HY
Delivery 5 - 80 ltr/min depends on Rotor/Stator (33 ltr/min as standard)
Drive HYDRAULIC (Oil pressure: 120 - 180 bar, 40 - 60 ltr/min, free flow to oil tank)
Operating power
24 V
Water conncetion
¾ inch, at least 2.5 bar with machine in operation
Hoppe volume
approx. 75 ltr
Refill height
1010 mm
Dimensions 990 mm x 650 mm x 1190 mm (LxWxH)
Total weight
129 kg
Hydraulic driv Hydraulic drive
Rotor/Stator Rotor/Stator
Mortar pressure gauge Mortar pressure gauge
>stockbig® Cleaning shaft and mixer cleaner Cleaning shaft and mixer cleaner
>stockbig® mortar hose Mortar hose 25 mm / 5 m
Tools Tools
Operations manual Operations manual
Optional accessories
Water hose Water hose
stockbig® InjectionHood




Rotor/Stator alternative Rotor/Stator for all sorts of material