The pneumatic free-fall conveying system >stockbig® SiloBooster for optimized material flow. Through dust-tight conveying lines, loose siloed product is blasted over great distances and into great heights.

Using the >stockbig® InjectionHood, the material flow can be controlled automatically.

The >stockbig® SiloBooster conveying system is available in different versions:

  • Standard - SiloBooster  rollable
  • Move - mounted on a 80km/h trailer
  • Fix - firmly fixed to the silo
Technical data
Data SiloBooster-160 Conveying container
Air capacity approx. 140 m³/h
Conveying capacity approx. 20 kg/min
Conveying distance up to 160 m
Conveying heights up to 100 m
Drive 8,1 kW / 400V
Connection 400V 32 A
Fuse protection
3 x 25A time-lag
Motor and drive (flap)   0,18 kW / 400V
Container volume   approx. 55 ltr
Dimensions 1200 mm x 585 mm x 680 mm (LxWxH)
Total weight
308 kg 91 kg
Rotary vain compressor Rotary vain compressor, oil-free, air-cooled (Becker)
Rollable conveying container Rollable conveying container
Pressure hose Pressure hose NW 32 7,5 m
Tools Tools
Operations manual Operations manual
Optional accessories
stockbig® InjectionHood InjectionHood for plastering machine
Conveying hose Conveying hose spiral
Conveying hose with tread ply Conveying hose with tread ply
Conveying hose rubber Conveying hose rubber
Vibrator Vibrator
Wheelset Wheelset (optional)