>stockbig® No.4

Our smallest delivery pump with a powerful 3kW / 230V drive. Continuous adjusting of the material flow allows for a large variety of applications. Equipped with an air compressor and spraying equipment, the No.4 may also be used as a surfacing, coating and spraying machine for a large variety of materials.
  • all-in-one multipurpose delivery pump
  • continuously adjustable through frequency conversion
  • stainless steel hopper allows for quick cleaning due to reduced adhesion
  • compact, flexible and powerful
  • handy and easy to transport
Technical data
Data No.4-200/FU
Delivery 2 - 20 ltr/min depens on Rotor/Stator
Drive 3 kW / 230V geared motor 70-250 U/min frequency controlled
Connection 230V (single phase)
Fuse protection
16A time-lag
Machine control through integrated pressure switch or remote control cable (42V)
Operational pressure
max. 25 bar
Dimensions 1480 mm x 550 mm x 655 mm (LxWxH)
Refill height 655 mm
Hopper volume
ca. 50 ltr
Total weight
111 kg
Geared motor Geared motor withplanetary gear
Rotor/Stator Rotor/Stator
Mortar pressure gauge Mortar pressure gauge
Tools Tools
Operations manual Operations manual
Optional accessories
air compressor External air compressor(Metzger or Köllmann)
Remote Control Cable Remote Control Cable 50 m
Mortar hose

Mortar hose 35 mmn,

Air hose 1/2 Air hose ½"
Spray gun Spray gun 35 mm