>stockbig® No.3

The universal delivery pump with powerful, frequency controlled 7.5 kW / 400V drive for stepless adjustment of the material flow. Suitable for: machinable dry mortars, wet mortars as well as machinable hand-mixed, pasty and liquid
materials. Equipped with a >stockbig® Mixer (optional), the No.3 delivery pump  becomes  a  powerful  mixing  pump  with  highest  quality  mixing properties. Using an air compressor and spraying equipment, the No.3-400/FU Mixer converts into a mortar spraying pump and plastering machine.

  • wear-free, continuously adjustable flow of the material through frequency conversion
  • all-in-one multipurpose mixing pump
  • with a mixer and air compressor also functioning as a mortar spraying pump and plastering machine
  • robust design and powerful drive
  • operable by remote control or air control
  • low refill height
Technical data
Data No.3-400/FU No.3-400/FU Mixer
Delivery 8 - 150 ltr/min depends on Rotor/Stator (40 ltr/min as standard)
Conveying distance
max 60 m
Drive Geared motor with planetary gear 7,5 kW / 400 V
Connection 400V 32 A
Air Pressure Disconnection integrated within the controls via pressure switch
Fuse protection
3 x 25A time-lag
Operational pressure
max. 25 bar
Dimensions 2090 mm x 680 mm x 690 mm (LxWxH)
Refill height
615 mm
Hopper volume ca. 100 ltr
Total weight 186 kg 302 kg
Geared motor Geared motor with planetary gear
Rotor/Stator R-Rotor/Stator
polyurethane tyres Large, puncture-proof polyurethane tyres
Mortar pressure gauge Mortar pressure gauge
Remote Control Cable Remote Control Cable 25 m
Tools Tools
Operations manual Operations manual
Optional accessories
Power cable Power cable 5 phase
Air compressor External air compressor (Metzger oder Köllmann)
Mortar hose

Mortar hose 35 mm

Air hose 1/2 Air hose ½"
Spray gun Spray gun 35 mm